The Legacy Trail
Sarasota County, Florida

The Legacy Trail Is Currently Open

Although Oscar Scherer State Park is closed, the only effect of this on The Trail is that the gate from the trail into the state park is now closed.

Tips for Staying Safe on The Legacy Trail

At this time, our community is encouraged to stay close to home and limit their interactions. During these challenging times, we understand the need to get outside, soak up some fresh air and get exercise.  When enjoying The Legacy Trail, there are several actions you can take to keep yourself and others safe. More …

Linda and Richard from Michigan Enjoy the New South Creek Stop Station
Photo: Darryl Lang

Sunset From Dona Bay Bridge
Photo: Darryl Lang
(click to enlarge)

New plantings along The Trail near Bird Bay. Thank you Sarasota County Staff for the installation. Photo: Sam Wright
A caterpillar of a Gulf Fritillary butterfly on the Corky Stem Passionflower newly planted on The Trail.
Photo and Identification: Sam Wright
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Total To Date:   $78,573 from 663 Donations.

Help Fund the Trail Extension.  Click Here to
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Save the Date:
April 28 – 29 Noon to Noon
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Video Fly-Over of a Possible Connector Trail from Nathan Benderson Park to The Legacy Trail

Thanks to Leon Thibeaut for creating a new video showing a potential route for this connection. The video can be viewed on this Connector Page. Leon has put a great deal of time and energy into investigating the route and garnering support for it’s creation.

North Port Connector Q & A

North Port Connector map

Have questions about the new North Port Connector? Get them answered here with the latest update to our North Port Connector page. Thanks to Sharon Donovan, FLT’s North Port Coordinator, for writing this clear explanation about what is happening with this project.

New FLT Legacy Trail Shirts Now Available!!

Our new FLT shirts are currently available both by mail via the website or at info tables on the trail. The new shirts feature the current FLT logo on the front and a map of the trail that shows what it will look like once the trail extension project is completed. We have safety yellow available in women’s sizes in short sleeve, men’s sizes in short and long sleeve. Click here to order.

E-Bikes Are Now Allowed on The Legacy Trail

In its November 19 meeting the Sarasota County Commission approved a resolution which, among other things, now allows anyone to use an electric bike on The Legacy Trail. Electric bikes will be regulated in the same manner as traditional bicycles. Click here to see the text of the resolution.

Trail Alerts:

Sign up to receive Legacy Trail notices directly from the County!

To get notifications by email, go here and click the link under “Maintenance and Closures”.  There you can sign up to receive notifications when work is being done on the trail. This email list will only be used to send out timely trail notifications.

Friends of The Legacy Trail is a newly registered organization with the Amazon Smile Foundation! We are now eligible to receive 0.5% of your Amazon Smile purchases made here:
No additional cost to you! But donations from Amazon Smile will go directly to FLT! More info here …

You Can Donate Square Feet of the Extension and Know the GPS Location of Your Square Feet!

You will receive a personalized certificate with the GPS location of your feet. Click on the button below for more details and to donate.  (Donor List)
Your donations “demonstrate broad and persistent community support”  which is a criterion that makes the Legacy Trail competitive for SUN Trail  and other government and foundation funds to support the extension effort.  

Total To Date:   $78,573 from 663 Donations.

Here is the approximate location of the next available square foot.

Friends of The Legacy Trail