Well, the time has come that we find ourselves needing to end our Saturday Information Tables for the year. The warmer temperatures, reduced number of visitors following the “snowbird” & “spring break” times & the fact that a majority of our volunteers are snowbirds themselves result in this break from holding the tables on the trail.

We will resume these events in early October, fully stocked with merchandise, great information on the trail & a renewed excitement in sharing The Legacy Trail experience with visitors. Our website will continue to be available www.friendsofthelegacytrail.org to provide info on FLT & The Legacy Trail & provide a method of contact should you have questions regarding our Information Tables or merchandise. Just send us a contact message.

Thank you to our incredible volunteers who staffed our Info Tables, we couldn’t do it without you! If this sounds like something you may enjoy helping with next season, please reach out to us at volunteers@friendsofthelegacytrail.org

Hope to see you next season!