Created by Friends of The Legacy Trail in Consultation with Sarasota Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resource

North Port Connector trail. Photo courtesy of Sharon Donovan.

The Legacy Trail North Port Connector officially opened on September 9, 2022. The entrance to the connector is at 1045 Calera Street at the end of West Price Boulevard in North Port (see map below). At that location, trail users will find a bridge that leads into Deer Prairie Creek Preserve. From there, the tree-lined paved trail meanders to the north, toward Interstate 75, where it then heads west to Forbes Trail and the north entrance of Deer Prairie Creek Preserve (approximately 5.5 miles). Those who wish to bike to the Legacy Trail from there can follow South Moon Drive to Border Road, Edmondson Road, and Florence Street, which dead-ends at Nokomis Riverview Park and the entrance to the Legacy Trail (approximately 8.5 miles). Border Road and Edmondson Road contain a mix of bike lanes, off-road multi-use recreation trails, and sidewalks. The completion of the North Port Connector marks the end of Sarasota County’s construction work on extending the Legacy Trail to downtown Sarasota and creating the connector to North Port. One can ride from North Port all the way to downtown Sarasota, making this lengthy route a dynamic contribution to the region’s overall trail system.

The county has also made improvements to two other trails in the area — the South Power Line Trail in Carlton Reserve that connects with Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in North Port, and the Alphabet Trail that connects the north and south entrances of Deer Prairie Creek Preserve — and provides users with more trail options. There is potential for the trail to continue from West Price Boulevard to Warm Mineral Springs, but that has been put on hold until plans for Warm Mineral Springs come together more fully.

Cyclist on South Powerline Trail in Carlton Preserve
South Powerline Trail in T. Mabry Carlton Reserve to Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in North Port. Photo of Ken Pruitt by Jeanne Berkley.
Map of North Port Legacy Trail Connector
Cyclist in Deer Prairie Creek Preserve
Trail in Deer Prairie Creek Preserve from the dirt pile to the Myakkahatchee Creek dam. Photo of Ken Pruitt by Jeanne Berkley.